PCI & HIPPA Compliance & Audit

PCI & HIPPA compliance & audit services

Strengthen your company’s PCI, HIPPA & Audit with an expert team at Glixen Technologies.

Accelerate PCI compliance to address multiple requirements, including integrity monitoring, prevention (IDS/IPS), intrusion detection and anti-malware, system logging application control, and firewall requirements.

Increase your healthcare efficiency and patient conclusions simply with an expert team of HIPPA compliance. We process to deliver additional services with compliance certifications as well as HIPAA eligibility.

Multidisciplinary teams deliver high-quality audits, revolutionizing to provide significance and transparency and offering brilliant client service. 

PCI Requirements

Payment Card Industry (PCI) is a security standard that applies to all traders or organizations that receive, transmit or collect cardholder data. Glixen Technologies will help you develop these standards to maintain:

  • Construct and Keep a Secure Network & Systems
  • Defend Cardholder Data
  • Keep a Susceptibility Management Program
  • Apply Strong Access Control Processes
  • Frequently Monitor and Test Networks
  • Continue an Information Security Policy

What Is HIPAA Compliance?

We have simplified the whole process of complying with HIPPA, so don’t need to worry about any complaint.

  • Ensure the integrity, confidentiality, and accessibility of all e-PHI they generate, receive, sustain or transmit.
  • Classify and protect against sensibly anticipated security pressures.
  • Protect against practically anticipated, impermissible practices or disclosures.
  • Guarantee compliance by the workforce and professional associates.

Audit Services

Audits are the basic building blocks of efficient capital markets. Glixen Technologies auditors use their comprehensive knowledge, skills, and expertise to deliver high-standard audits with integrity, independence, objectivity, and professional skepticism. 

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